Tuesday, March 15, 2005

3/15/05 Bored With Music

Are you Bored with Music?

This picture doesn't look real, but I think it is. Ok, the link doesn't seem to work (I'm real sorry for the NSFW fiasco) - Try this http://images.phun.org/phun/pics/news/nba2.jpg

Now that I'm working, my facts will most likely be less lengthy and less fun. So I turn to my friends to send me fun links. Mike sends a pretty gross idea - Pierced Eyeglasses. He also sends a link to Gizmodo. It's a blog about the newest in techie gadgets (as if there's any other kind).

Is today the Ides of March? I forget if it's the middle of March. If it is, Happy Ides of March, er, something.


yeknom nrop said...

The "This picture" link is NOT work-friendly, despite its innocuous-sounding link. My cubemate loved the snatch shots, but I hope big brother wasn't watching! :/

www.nachosrule.com said...

It seriously was a link to to picture of Shaq and Earl Boykins. They rerouted it to some unsafe for work page. SORRY!!!