Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Pearl Harbor Day

I had intended to go swimming tonight, but it was pretty cold. I know, not Chicago cold, but still cold enough to see your breath and decide not to swim. Instead, I opted for the hot tub. There were five guys in the hot tub. One guy who apparently knew the other and asked him flat out if he'd be interested in learned a brief history of Korea. You've got to assume these guys have talked history and politics in the past. But hey, who knows.

What I learned is that many Koreans have the last names Kim and Lee. These are the names of some of the dynasties over the past 2000 years. He said that the last name in Korean is "Ee", but we westernize it and add the "L".

In all, there were guys from Korea, Lebanon, Baghdad (he's half Iraqi and half German), England and me. The American. We actually had quite a fascinating talk about the world wars and the cold war. And how Hitler's main objective was to control the world's oil. And how America's interest in the war was also for oil and was led by Rockefeller. I'm not a history buff, so I don't know how much of this is true. But hey, it's Pearl Harbor day and I learned quite a bit about history. So I thought I'd share.

Part 2 of this story. As I was walking back to my apartment there was a guy getting off of the elevator. His paper grocery bags started ripping so I offered him a hand to get his bags to his apartment. He took me up on the offer and we brought the bags into his place. He insisted that I have a drink. It was his way of thanking me. I said no thanks, but he wouldn't take no for an answer. He was really pushy when it came to "my poison". If I had to do it again, I would have said "beer". I take that back. If I really had to do it all over again, I never would have helped his drunk ass in the first place. But much like our military in Iraq, the bad decision was already made. I just had to make the situation better.

All of the sudden, I realized this guy was kind of hammered. I'm not sure if it was the "I'm from Chicago and I'm Italian. All of the fuckers here in California are all fucked in the head." that gave it away. Or maybe it was the "People tell me to stay away from their kids and call me a child molester." that tipped me off. I tried to act surprised and asked, "Wow. People really say that?" Apparently he took great offense to that. Mind you this guy is a big, Tony Soprano sized Italian dude from Chicago. And I'm in his apartment. Fortunately, he flipped out again and told me to get the hell out. It was something about not making eye contact and how I'm just like the "cocksuckers here in Newport Beach". I put my drink down, thanked him and walked out. He gave me my drink back. I put it down again. He once again gave me the drink and told me to keep the glass. I wasn't about to say no twice.

Moral of this entire post? People from around the world are generally really cool to talk to. Except Italians.

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