Thursday, November 29, 2007

11/29/07 IT'S OFFICIAL!

I've been asked to write a post about my softball team. And how we won our D-league championship tonight. There's only one problem. We didn't. We lost the championship game. 18-15. Except, it seems, that we're now in a 3 way tie for first. Which means we're supposed to play again next week in some sort of goofy playoff. A playoff that I can't attend. So, there you have it... I fully expected to pull a "Major League" moment with a bunch of has beens and a couple of never will be's. Instead, I pulled a Haywood and started arguing with the umpire (where I clearly tagged someone out at the plate and he said I didn't)... and while I was arguing, somebody else scored. You rarely see emotion out of me - But after the inning was over, I went berserk. That right there was the difference in the game. I apologize to Cousin Eric, who sent the entire team lucky Longwood University T-shirts with the expectation of a championship. I hope that Martin Vickerton and Carra Bunner have better fortune than we did.


On a lighter note, the number of visits to has significantly increased over the past couple of months. That being said, don't go there. For the love of God, DON'T GO THERE. Especially if you're at work.


A 7.4 earthquake hit the island of Martinique in the Caribbean. Those of you visiting that area should be extra cautious.


My dad sends the most expensive advertisement ever created...

Guinness just launched "Tipping Point", the most expensive TV ad in its 80-year marketing history, with a domino rally that features cars, flaming hay bales and grandfather clocks. Shot up an Argentinian mountain, the ad shows a community coming together to create the mother of all domino-toppling spectacles. Genius! (Production cost: $10 million)


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