Wednesday, December 24, 2008

12/24/08 A Kazoo Christmas

After much thought and deliberation, there seems to be no better way to pass along holiday cheer and to ring in the new year than with kazoos. So, here's my holiday gift to you... the patient reader who stuck around as I didn't write anything for weeks on end... A bunch of kazoo songs.

Metallica on Kazoos

The Final Countdown on the KazooKeyLele (Which, if my math is correct, is only 33% kazoo. But 100% awesome.)

For the more traditional of you, here's Handel's Messiah on kazoos.

Eleanor Rigby on Kazoo

This is especially for my cousins who text me every time they hear Billie Jean...

Rocky on kazoos.

Finally, a tribute to John Williams. With no kazoos.

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