Friday, February 12, 2010

2010 Winter Olympic Running Diary

As I'm watching the 2010 Winter Olympic opening ceremonies, the parade of nations just began. For no reason, I've been inspired to write about it. In a flashback of my early days online, I vaguely remember writing about the 2002 Winter Olympics as one of my first "Something I learned today" entries.

- My interest in the Winter Olympics has greatly increased simply due to the attractiveness of the competitors.

- Speaking of which... Holy Denmark! Have you ever seen an unattractive Denmarkian... er, Denmark-an... Point is, couldn't they promote tourism simply based on how hot they all are?

- Pakistan is representing, huh? Didn't see that one coming.

- Seems a little unfair that Bosnia and Herzegovina get to team up and compete together.

- Poland needs a new flag. Their overall standing in the world would jump dramatically if their flag weren't so lame.

- What's the theme? Snow? I know we're in a recession, but creativity should never slump.

- We're seeing the greatest moment in so many of these peoples' lives. It shows on their faces.

- China is poised for world domination. First, the 2008 games in Beijng. Now, it seems like they're ready to surprise in the winter games. In a decade, I'm preparing to pledge my allegiance to whatever overlord takes control.

- You ever wonder what happened to Pikaboo Street? She's working in a hospital now. Intensive care ward. When she picks up the phone, she answers, "Pikaboo. ICU." (None of that is true. Or funny. But it had to be said.)

- I was looking at a map of the winter games. The farthest south the games have ever been were either in the U.S. or Japan. The latitudes were pretty close.

- If you were offered the opportunity to be one of those Canadian snowflake people who dances during the parade, would you take it? I couldn't dance, nor appear that happy, for that long.

- Mexico sent one dude in his 50s? If you're under 25 years old and live in Mexico, wouldn't you just take up any winter sport to be their representative next time?

- The danger factor in the winter games is WAY higher than the summer games. You'd think that alone would generate some interest.

- In 1948 the winter pentathlon was an event. It consisted of cross-country skiing, shooting, downhill skiing, fencing and horse riding. Wouldn't you love to see that? Especially shooting on a horse with skis?

- Call me unpatriotic, but I'd give up every U.S. medal to see other countries who have never medaled win it.

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