Thursday, December 01, 2005

12/1/05 Harvester of Sorrow

Welcome back Paulie. We're thrilled to see you stay.

What's the difference between White and Red?

Happy December. I will now formally acknowledge the holiday season.

Coffee improves short term memory and speeds up reaction times. Damn it. Maybe I won't give it up after all.

Now onto the National Security portion of our segment:

Los Alamos: 600-plus pounds of Plutonium unaccounted for. Doc and Marty detained for questioning. Claim is was the Libyans.

Airline Security of waste of cash.

Super bonus points: Why is this post titled "Harvester of Sorrow"? (Nacho Expert, you are banned from answering for at least 24 hours since I'm pretty sure you know). All others - I'll entertain guesses.


Poker Jason said...

Wasn't that the title of a Metallica song from their And Justice for All album? said...

That's 100% correct. But now you're only half way to the complete answer.

The Nacho Expert said...

The funny thing is, I knew what one of the topics in the post would be just from seeing the title. That's a somewhat vague hint.