Thursday, March 06, 2008

3/6/08 Gaming Like It's 1996

Recently my brother and I were talking about some computer games we played during the 1990's. I think we both agreed that "Ripper" was one of our favorite games. I would guess that you've probably never heard of it, which leads me to say that it's tremendously underrated. It starred Christopher Walken and the guy who played Indiana Jones' buddy, Sallah. Karen Allen (also from "Raiders of the Lost Ark") and Burgess Meredith (of "Rocky" fame) were also characters. The story was well written, the puzzles were clever and tricky and, most of all, the main theme song was "Don't Fear the Reaper". Given the constraints on technology at the time, it's even more impressive to fondly look back at the entire game play. I'm finally at that age where I'm starting to think, "They just don't make game like they used to."

My brother also reminded me of the "Tex Murphy" game series; most notably "Under a Killing Moon". It falls under the same genre of puzzle solving and unraveling a mystery. Seriously - are there equivalent type games nowadays?

The final game series that we both really immersed ourselves into was "Myst". It's probably the bigger household name of all of these games. The world of Myst is completely unique. And, to be perfectly honest, I miss that world.

Maybe I need to start some sort of Facebook group for the other 6 or 7 people who pine for those games of the mid-90's.


Cousin Eric sends a video starring his buddy Justin Uretz. It's called "Killer Road Trip". Enjoy.


In honor of our recent water balloon videos, here's a montage of water balloons in slo-motion.

(Sometimes the embedded video doesn't work from this site. If it doesn't, the water balloon link is here.)

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