Friday, October 29, 2004

10/29/04 WWJDD?

In my 5 days away, probably the most fun thing I missed/learned is Johnny Damon's following across the country. We can now ask WWJDD (What would Johnny Damon Do?).

I also learned that San Diego Jennifer makes kick ass nachos. Pictures will be up shortly.

The Department of Homeland Security is using its funds and time wisely by cracking down on Communist Rubik's Cubes.

And finally, in case you haven't heard, I'm moving to California next week. I tried sending out an email to everyone, but I had my share of problems with that, so if you didn't get it, it wasn't for lack of effort. So the gaps in my "Something I learned Today" will continue on and off until I get settled. Oh, and if you live in Southern California or have friends out there, send me an email - I know all of about 3 people right now. Nachos are on me.

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