Sunday, October 31, 2004

10/31/04 Overclocking

First off, Happy Halloween. Some kiddies came by to trick or treat (as would be expected). Then I saw them get into their mom's minivan to drive to the next house. That HAS to be a party foul! If they're going to be eating candy for the next 3 weeks, the least they can do is WALK to the next house. Next year if I see that, I'm going ballistic. No walking, no candy. You heard it here first.

These Halloween memories also got me thinking about a couple of other events from my youth. One being that my more technically savvy friends used to 'overclock' their computers. So they'd buy a 50 MHz chip, supercharge the fucker, and make it go 58 MHz or something. Which always made me a little jealous. The first question that probably comes to mind is - where are these techie geniuses today? I found 'em - They're overclocking their toothbrushes (give it a minute to load up).

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