Tuesday, January 10, 2006

1/10/06 How Bees Fly

I'm sure you've spent countless nights losing sleep, pondering the question - "How do bees fly?". Well, your sleepless nights are over. They flap their wings at a constant 230 beats per second. In order to compensate for heavy cargo, such as pollen, they extend their wings, much like a racecar shifting into higher gear.

NASA took pictures of Area 51 back in 1968. They also made the picture public domain.

Can sonograms harm the unborn baby? Maybe. It may actually promote left-handedness.

Speaking of the womb, I am reading a book called "Genome" by Matt Ridley. Highly recommended. One of the more fascinating studies in the book is that for each older brother a male has, he is 1/3 more likely to be gay. (Note: 1/3 more is equivalent to the difference between 3 and 4 percent chance). There is no correlation for having sisters, or for women becoming lesbians. Turns out that there's some immune system mechanism in the womb that wards off some antigens in the Y chromosome of the developing male. The mother's immune system shuts down part of the male fetus required for full masculine development. Or so I understand from the book. Now I more fully understand why my brother's a wuss. (Just kidding, dude. I mean, yeah, you're a wuss. But you're a married wuss. Which is way better than what I'm doing).

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