Monday, January 09, 2006

1/9/06 Nutrasweet. The Revenge.

Imagine some non-descript office that is attempting to institute some "Healthy Option" campaign. Old vending machines are replaced with new ones. The soda machine is replaced with a new one. (Note: I have started saying soda since moving out west. I am very ashamed of the change. Very ashamed. It's as though my entire self-worth has been compromised by simply changing one word in my vocabulary. I think I just got tired of getting into the pop vs. soda conversation.) Ok, the soda machine has been replaced. The new machine now offers the following. Water. Juice. Diet Soda. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I dislike Nutrasweet (Scroll about 1/3 of the way down for health risks. Included on the list is "weight gain"). Now imagine that the aforementioned company is in the health care industry. In a simple attempt to institute a "Healthy Option" campaign, a health care company is openly promoting a toxic substance as a "Healthy Option". For legal reasons, I can't say whether or not this office really exists or whether or not I work there. Why do I tend to distrust big companies and big organizations and bureaucracy? This would be one example of why.

From the "Stats are pulled out of our ass" department - Baltimore is named America's Fittest City according to Men's Fitness Magazine. Click over to page two, and "Rival magazine Men's Health had a different take on Baltimore. In its current issue, the magazine ranks Baltimore 93rd on its list of the "100 Best Cities for Men," with grades of "F" in health and quality of life and "C+" in fitness."

I'm actually in a real good mood - It's just that the things I learned today seem to be real negative. So, to keep with the theme, here's the history of Social Security Numbers.

On my way to work today, traffic came to a crawl. It had all of the telltale signs of an accident. It was. There was a white SUV (think OJ) in the carpool lane. It was perpendicular to the flow of traffic with the front ended sticking out towards the other lanes. Oh, and it was upside down. The top crushed and windows all smashed. I couldn't find a study, but personally, I've seen the aftermath of more horrific accidents in Southern California than any other place in the U.S. I'd be willing to guess that the accident injury/mortality rate is pretty high out here.

The results of the 5k I ran yesterday are here. Notes to anyone checking on my time:

  1. I didn't cross the start line until almost a minute in. They didn't compensate for that.
  2. Not that it matters. I was beat by at least 2 moms pushing those 3 wheeled strollers.
  3. An 11 year old girl ran it twice as fast as I did.
  4. A 67 year old guy finished less than 2 minutes behind that girl.
  5. It was still a personal best for me. And I'm very proud of it.
  6. Out of all of my aches and pains today, my right bicep hurts the most. Don't ask. I have no idea.

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