Tuesday, January 31, 2006

1/31/06 What's Your Fetish?

Photographer Dana sends Fetish Flip 'N Match. It's like the childrens' game Memory. But with fetishes. So, it's not exactly safe for work. But it is on the Oxygen website. So, then again, it's not exactly unsafe for work either. Within the game, I learned all sorts of new things. Like the definitions of Scoptolagnia and Eproctophilia.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of eproctophilia, about 3 weeks ago I farted, and call me crazy, but it fucking smelled delicious. I've had farts that were so caustic they've made my eyes tear. But never one that made my mouth water. Then, a few days later - and I promised I'd never retell the story, but I can no longer resist - I farted in girlfriend's car, and 15 seconds later she said "Something smells good."

Unfortunately, we're back to caustic ones, but for that brief period, my farts smelled like the most savory, juicy, perfectly seasoned, delicious, grilled steak you can imagine.