Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1/17/08 Hang Tough

Last weekend I finally had a chance to watch some of "American Gladiators". Like most reviews I read, I agree that there's far too much talk and not enough action. When the show was first on the air, I was a kid and couldn't quite appreciate the physical trials the contestants were going through. As a kid, you just figure that adults are stronger and can't exactly grasp how hard everything really is. As an adult, I thought to myself... How would I do as a competitor today? The answer was easy. I'd earn zero points. Then I thought to myself - Now, what if I got to compete against the female gladiators? I stretched my imagination and guessed that, if I gave it my all, I'd earn 3 points during the entire day. I'd get one shot off during "The Assault", yielding one point. And I'd get past one gladiator in "The Gauntlet", earning 2 points. Then, I'd never finish "The Eliminator". Ever. You could give me the entire day. It's not happening. That moving walkway / Incline at the end looks impossible.

Now, if they brought "Human Cannonball" back, I'd take down Malibu in a second. More precisely, I'd take him down in Pi times the square root of the length of the rope divided by the downward acceleration of gravity. If I remember correctly, Malibu never once stayed up against any contestant in that event.


From CollegeHumor's 105%:

Loser: "I'm into Nickelback."

Mega-loser: "I was into Nickelback before they were cool."


Charlotte Dan sends an article on the source of anti-matter. It's created by black holes rip apart stars. Also, I hear that Charlotte is getting something like 2 inches of snow and the entire city is acting like it's the apocalypse. Good luck, Dan. I hope you all make it out safely.


I was thinking - Why did Yankee Doodle put a feather in his cap and call it macaroni? Do you associate that song with the Revolutionary War? I sure do. Nothing about the lyrics seem all that revolutionary.


I watched this video the other day and I keep thinking about it. It's like seeing where you've been, where you're at and what's in store for you. It's 100 people, from ages 1 to 100. All beating a drum for some reason.

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Charlotte Dan said...

Thanks man, if you don't hear from me in a few days send in the St. Bernard with some whiskey.