Tuesday, January 08, 2008

1/8/08 The Wagon

I made a New Year's resolution for 2008. It may be my first resolution ever. I can't remember making another one. Given the 3 years of indigestion the 2004 election caused, I vowed not to talk about current politics in regards to the election until November. The resolution lasted 8 whole days. A former work colleague of mine took me out for coffee this afternoon - He insisted on talking about the primaries. Since he bought the coffee, I couldn't change the subject. That being said, after a brief discussion, I'm back on the wagon. The plan is to remain politically sober for the next 11 months. Also, consider this fair warning if you feel like bringing up the topic of politics. It ain't gonna happen.

Let me quickly explain why I'm doing this. To me, it's quite simple... I'm not going to change your mind. And you're not going to change mine. The only outcomes of talking politics during election season are: 1) We get heated, both wanting to talk and not listen for an outrageous period of time. 2) We basically agree in principle, but start focusing in on our differences. 3) You come to the conclusion that I'm an idiot. I'll think the same thing about you. Then we won't talk for 2 years.

Long story short, nothing good will come of it. So I'm out. I don't enjoy the talks, heated or otherwise. Don't misunderstand here - I'll vote. Even though I'm still convinced that voting in this country won't matter. Ever. Can't we just agree though that we're not changing each others' minds? Isn't that enough to stop the madness?

This will be a tough 11 months of sobriety. But, with the help of my higher power combined with my severe shortage of friends, I have faith that I'll see my way through this.


You may be thinking - Where's that funny-ish guy who used to post lots of links and YouTube videos? Where did he go? Is he stuck in 2007? Don't worry. He's still here. I'm just in experimental mode, trying to keep everything more focused and topic related each day.

With that, I'll leave you with the result of years of digging... I finally found it... The 1992 Presidential Debate with Admiral Stockdale. (The resolution was current politics. This debate is just too funny to not pass along).

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