Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Aporia Agathon follow up

The other day I was talking about ARGs and my interest in possibly getting involved. I also shared my confusion about the entire thing. Through the power of the internet and a dash of good fortune, I received a very kind and informative email from one of the developers of Aporia Agathon.

I haven't asked Jason's permission to post the contents of his email. However, I surely hope that he intended this to reach as wide an audience as possible. Jason writes:

What you found was a trailer/teaser for an upcoming game from Aporia Cross-Media Entertainment. The game begins this summer, but the videos launched prior to the game will help the audience connect to some of the characters. It's set to have a pretty lengthy run-time due to the structure of pieces of the game.

I am one of the developers, found your blog during some down-time. Our efforts are to try to make it as accessible and enjoyable for people not as familiar with args as the current player base is. We feel this medium for story-telling and audience interaction is a step above most entertainment venues available today, because everyone matters to what is happening in the story and to the characters. I'm glad it has drawn your interest and I wish we could launch it today, but by summertime we'll have finished much of the various elements that will immerse you and anyone else playing into the storyline.

I wanted to help ease you into the genre as much as I can.

Jason Chrest
Aporia Cross-Media Entertainment

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