Friday, December 14, 2007

12/14/07 Me and My Drum

Christmas carols are funny. Don't get me wrong - I have fond memories of my fruitier, formative years and going around singing Christmas carols. But I continue to find myself laughing when I hear them. It's because just about every Christmas carol has been parodied or poked fun at during some point in my life. Can you seriously listen to "O Holy Night" and not think of Eric Cartman? Ten years later and that's all I think of. What about the Peter Griffin Christmas where he sings (To the tune of Little Drummer Boy), "I brought these gifts for you, they're up in my bum"? I also vaguely remember some "Beavis and Butthead" Christmas special where they were jamming out to something from, what I think is "The Nutcracker".

Actually, now that I re-read this all, I realize that it's all based on cartoons - The Family Guy, South Park and Beavis and Butthead. Point being - Well, there is no point. Except that the other day I was walking around San Diego on a sunny day with no jacket and heard, "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas". And all I could think was - No. No it's not.


Why are my iron-free, wrinkle-free shirts the most wrinkled of them all?


Poker Jason sends this guy getting pulled over on his riding lawnmower....


Mike sends the secret to Stonehenge building...

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