Sunday, December 23, 2007

12/23/07 The Airing of Grievances

Happy Festivus. If you're not familiar with Festivus (first check the link)... "During the last few weeks in December when Festivus takes place, families and friends get together at the dinner table and have something called "the Airing of Grievances". During this time, we share with family and friends all the ways they had disappointed over the past year."

This will most likely be my last update for 2007. I send my most sincere holiday wishes to all ya'll's. Thanks for reading, commenting and otherwise being a part of NachosRule this year. Thanks to you, we've just passed 16,000 views for the year. I hope you've enjoyed it half as much as I had maintaining it. By that, I mean, at least half. Not exactly half. It's one of those greater or equal to deals.

A special thanks to Nathan Fortener - First, a thanks for his current design of Second, thanks to the final outbound link of 2007... It's the quiz we've all been looking forward to... How Many Five Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight? I could take 18. In theory.


My mom offers some holiday cheer, acapella style:

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. See you again in 2008 :)

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RubyRed said...

haha, love that quiz!! I just took it and I can kick 14 little butts! lol. If you're interested you should try Its a quiz about how "ubergeek" you are, haha. I got 45% - good or bad? you be the judge