Friday, December 07, 2007

12/7/07 Being Frank Thomas

Good news, kids. Remember that goofy softball playoff that our team was in the middle of? We won. We're champions. Or so I was told over the phone last night. I felt exactly like Frank Thomas in October 2005. There's no feeling quite like being part of a team for season after season, putting together many solid performances, including some game winning efforts... only to miss the one moment where your team finally wins it all. I was told, "We have a t-shirt for you". (I guess our prize was a t-shirt). As happy as I am, I'm disappointed that I missed our big moment. So, there you have it. We're D-League champions. And I have no stories to tell since I have no idea how we won.


Are there extra "CL's" this year? Athletes used to tear or rupture their MCL or ACL. Adrian Peterson hurt his LCL a few weeks ago. And Reggie Bush just tore his PCL. When did this happen?


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