Wednesday, December 15, 2004

12/15/04 Trends for the New Year offers up the top 10 trends for 2005.

If you're a conspiracy theory kinda person, you'll probably find this article very interesting. Jimmy Walter has spent nearly $3 million, or 30% of his net worth, to prove that the September 11th attacks were a government conspiracy. He is offering $100,000 to anyone who can prove that the Twin Towers fell the way that the government says - With the planes only (no explosives involved). Next month he's offering another prize to the best alternative theory with 100 runner up prizes.

And I know this story is a couple of days old, but this guy seems pretty cool. Richard Dorsay lived under a drawbridge on Lake Shore Drive for a few years. He tapped into the city's power supply and had a TV, microwave, heater and a PlayStation.

In other news, Blockbuster is eliminating late fees next year.

My brother (aka "The Nacho Expert") sent me a link to this guy who has a webcam on his Christmas lights. He has 17,000 lights. The kicker is that you can control his lights from this webpage and turn them on and off.

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