Wednesday, December 22, 2004

12/22/04 - Sweet home Chicago

If I needed another reason to be happy about moving to Southern California, I checked the weather forecast in Chicago. After an early morning chill of below zero temperatures, it'll reach a toasty 11 degrees by midday. As for the four people in Chicago who will actually read this - I still love you guys. You're more than welcome to come stay with me for a while. Actually, three of those four people are meeting me on vacation tomorrow. So, this message is actually directed to you. Yes, you. I'm really sorry.

On that note, I am actually going on vacation starting tomorrow. So, barring some sort of super urge for me to find a computer lab and update this blog (Note: probabilty = zero), this will be the last post of 2004. I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year. I hope that you have fond memories of 2004 and are excited for 2005. Live your life, give from the heart, and make sure that you pursue at least one of your lifelong dreams this year. And have a cheesy plate of nachos...

Peace, love, and nacho happiness,

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Anonymous said...

No need to apologize; the eleven degrees outside is balmy compared to my frigid bitch of a wife.