Thursday, December 09, 2004

12/9/04 R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell

I'll admit it. I grew up listening to Pantera during my teenage years. And I'm honestly bummed out about the shooting of "Dimebag" Darrell. This is my personal Kurt Cobain / John Lennon / pick your favorite musician who tragically died. I feel the same way about him as I did when I heard that Lane Staley of "Alice in Chains" had died in his apartment. "Dimebag" Darrell has always been considered one of the top guitarists of our generation. Listening to stations play a lot of Pantera's music today made me a little weepy. Rest in Peace, Darrell. Thank you for the music and the memories.

I found a page full of T-Shirts that really made me laugh. If you're not faint of heart, check out T-Shirt Hell.

If you ever have problems with the police, here is a list of your rights and things to do. I guess it's never a bad thing to be too prepared.

I have been sorta, unofficially rejected for the position at Google that I was so hopeful to get for the past couple of weeks. I won't go into the details until I find out for sure. Needless to say, I am very disappointed - I was really looking forward to the opportunity. I want to send a big thank you out to Google Nicki in Toronto for getting this process started.

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