Thursday, March 01, 2007

3/1/07 Tom and Jerry

Somebody mentioned that you don't see "Tom and Jerry" on TV anymore. I thought, well, yes - that's true. But you also don't see the Muncheechees or the Snorks on TV anymore either. But I suppose that historically, I'm comparing filet mignon to a KFC snacker. The reason, I was told, that Tom and Jerry is no longer on TV is that it is far too violent by today's cartoon standards. While I'm not completely sold on the idea (since I can come up with plenty of violent cartoon examples), in the 24 hours after that conversation, "Tom and Jerry" came up a few more times.

The most interesting is from Iranian TV - A film seminar discussing Tom and Jerry. If the subtitles are correct, the lecturer talks about "Tom and Jerry" as a Jewish conspiracy to improve their image after World War II.

That led me to more Iranian Children's programming where they're celebrating "Jerusalem Day". And you wonder why there will never be peace in the Middle East.


A week ago I had no idea who Bertrand Russell was. In fact, I still don't. But I saw one of his quotes on Google and I liked it. So I checked out a whole lot more of his quotes and those, too I liked. So my historical figure for the week is Bertrand Russell.


The US Postal Service is increasing stamp prices to 42 cents. What's new is that they may allow for "forever stamps". Meaning that when rates go up again, you can use that stamp without having to buy those pesky one and two cent stamps to make up the difference. They're good forever. I can only imagine people lining up, buying hundreds upon hundreds of stamps to stock up for the next couple of decades. (God help me if anyone tells me about their "stamp investment") When, in reality, stamp prices since 1980 have kept amazingly close to inflation. The annual increase in stamp prices over the past 27 years - 3.6023%. The annual increase in inflation over the past 27 years - 3.6046%. It would be a brilliant move by the post office - why not get the money up front? Every lottery winner takes the money up front, even when it means taking a discount.


mike said...

If not the contents, at least the comments on the film seminar dude help renew my hope in mankind.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Daz said...

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