Friday, March 30, 2007

3/30/07 Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends

Northwestern Nicole has sent a website some of her friends have come up with - A Guide to Nicknaming Your Friends. Before this, I only knew one rule about nicknames - You can't give them to yourself.


If you're planning a trip to London anytime soon, might I suggest using Google Maps? Pay close attention to step #20 in the directions.


Ok, one more Vegas story. Well, more of a question for people who go to clubs. The promotions people at my hotel were all about selling time shares and other garbage that would require way too much of my time. So after 2 minutes of listening, I pulled the "I'm unemployed" card and they just gave me some cards for free food and free entry to the nightclub at Caesar's Palace. (Note: I wasn't staying at Caesar's and this seemed like a polite way for them to tell me to leave). The card was good for "Pure Tuesday". I thought the club was named "Pure", but I think it's the Pussycat Doll Lounge. Or something like that. Anyways, after dinner on Tuesday, I decided that, despite my little-to-no interest in clubs, I wanted to see why everyone else goes. You know, since I had a free "VIP" pass. I got to Caesar's around 10:50 pm. There were probably 1500 people waiting outside of the club, which hadn't yet opened. (Another Note: My ability to estimate numbers in crowds is horrible. What I can tell you is that there were more than 400 people and less than, oh, let's say, 40,000.

I walked around to figure out where the line started, if there was any. Since I had no other plans for the night, I decided that, at the very least, I could people watch as I waited. The doors opened a little after 11:00 pm. My thought process was as such - Let's see how fast the line moves and I'll decide whether or not to stick around after that. I won't tell you stories of what occurred over the next hour, but at midnight, I did a little estimation-like math and decided that I wasn't getting in the doors until about, oh, 2:30 am. So I left. Which leaves me with the question that I promised... What's so great about these clubs? There was nothing in my wildest dreams that could have been behind those doors that would have convinced me to stay in that line any longer. Seriously - what's in there? Other than the overall douchebaggery that I saw from the people in line in the first place. (Final Note: I don't know where (if anywhere) I heard douchebaggery recently. But I really like it. Expect it some more in upcoming posts).

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Cousin Jeff said...

I've been to Pure (yes, that what it's called, the pussycat doll lounge is inside Pure) on a Saturday night before; I got in free for an 8-10pm private party as part of the MBA World Series of Poker and we got to stick around afterward.

It's very appealing when the drinks are free. Otherwise, Pure features hotter women and more expensive drinks when compared to your average weekend at home. I guess bottle service could be fun, but again I move back to expensive. If you're into dance music, I'm sure they often have good DJs - not really my scene either.

All in all, I vastly prefer neighborhood & dive bars.