Friday, March 09, 2007

3/9/07 Meh



A new bed is for sale. For $49,500. Or to put that in terms of dollars that make sense to me... That's exactly $49,500 more than I've made all year.


Mister Abrams sends a translation from the conversation in Russian from the show "Lost".

Klugh: Mikhail. Mikhail! You know what to do.
Mikhail: We still have another way [out].
Klugh: We can't risk. You know the conditions.
Mikhail: There is another way.
Klugh: They captured us. We will not let them find the area ("territory").
Klugh: You know what to do. It is an order.
Mikhail: We still have another way!
Klugh (in English): Just do it, Mikhail.
Mikhail: Forgive me. (shoots)


Cousin Kevin is gearing up for the upcoming baseball season and sends an article about the White Sox. The best quote in the article has to be "As a bonus, the White Sox relievers should do a great job of dominating the offensive boards."

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