Tuesday, March 13, 2007

3/13/07 Pi Day

Tomorrow is 3/14. And thanks to Mike, he's passed along that's it's also Pi Day. (3.14 - get it?). Coincidentally, I have the movie "Pi" at home. I suppose that I'll celebrate tomorrow by watching it. What about you? Any celebrations planned?


The Nacho Expert completed his "Tackle the Tower" run last month. However, the fundraising and donations can still be submitted until March 15th... If you'd like to contribute to the American Lung Association on behalf of his Tower Climb, it's available here. He tells me that he's 2nd in total fundraising and I think he's shooting for #1. (I forgot to ask how much more he needs - If you're reading this, let us know).


My advice for the day: If you're thinking about murdering someone, don't use Google on your office computer to search for "How to commit murder".


From the "It's time for kicking ass and chewing bubble gum. And I'm all out of gum" files: In the early days of home computer networking and gaming over networks (we're talking not even 10 years ago), my roommates and I played a lot of Duke Nukem. If you know the game, I assume you're also getting a little teary-eyed reminiscent too. Turns out that doctors are using Duke Nukem to help diagnose depression. Fortunately the diagnosis has nothing to do with consecutive hours of play or total number of classes missed.

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