Monday, March 19, 2007

3/19/07 Right Field

Cousin Eric sends a trip down memory lane. An old commercial with the song Right Field. He's been looking for a copy of the entire song. We both searched and came up empty. So we're asking you to help us find "Right Field".


Now a bit of trivia - What do Florida Nudists and my cousins have in common? You know you want to know the answer.


From a fun perspective, this post is going to quickly head downhill. Just warning you. (Although, one positive is that there hasn't been a gigantic earthquake yet - LOTS of small ones. But no biggie.)

It appears that we could potentially be ready for another recession. Yay for foreclosures and extending too much credit.


Today I watched This Film is Not Yet Rated. If you're interested in censorship and more about the film rating system (who's involved, how the ratings are determined, what's ok to release, etc.) it's worth a go.


I came across a little film about media control. Which is sort of related to the above movie. But it takes a nasty angle and is very anti-Jewish. I think it's important people know this stuff is floating around YouTube. Especially since they're trying to make a bold point about a greater Jewish conspiracy.... Lumping Rupert Murdoch in there as owner of NewsCorp. While I agree that too few people control the media, there's at least one huge problem with the above film.... Rupert Murdoch Roman Catholic. (I worry that this might open some can of worms - it's more to just be informative and to maybe help prevent undue racism and hatred towards a group of people.)


Ah hell, let's end with something fun while we're talking about censorship and things you're not supposed to see.... I present The Sickest Girls on the Internet.

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