Friday, May 11, 2007

5/11/07 TV Spoilers

Mister Abrams is my source for all things "Lost". I finally got the courage to ask him where he finds all of his vast information. He says Pretty much no matter what show you're hooked on, you can get good information there.


My dishwasher washes to the beat of "We Will Rock You".


About once a year I post a link to the animation of Yellow Ledbetter. It's about that time again.


In Rocky III, if Apollo Creed was, by far, the better athlete before the training montage... why didn't he fight for the title? Have times changed or was the end of the training montage considered uncomfortable back in the 80's too? And can they put "Gonna Fly Now" on the next version of Guitar Hero? I bet the squedlies and meadlies towards the end would be tough.


Smukooks said...

I've been singing along to yellow ledbedder ever since '92 or '93.
I am proud to admit that i have never, nor will I EVER.. sing the same lyrics twice
I think 95% of the time it comes out of my mouth in Japanese or Greek... or Zimbawaenese.. but regardless.. it always sounds right to me!

No Longer Neighbor Natalie said...

Speaking of lyrics (and dish washers), Mark wrote to me in an e-mail: "Next time I wash my dishes I'll give you a call. It's awesome. I started singing last time. Except I really don't know the words. So I began mumbling - "Bummy bummy big boy something something noise... playing da da da.. gonna be a big man some day." (Then it picks up).... "You got mud on your face! A big disgrace! Kicking you (can?, banner?) all over the place!" That went on for a good 20 or 25 minutes."

So don't worry, Smukooks! You're not alone!

(Sorry, Mark! All in good fun. Ha-ha ;)