Wednesday, May 02, 2007

5/2/07 Eephus Pitch

Question: What do the following numbers represent? 343/355/367/769?

You may be inclined to think it has to do with baseball. That it's the top batting averages or OPS or something like that. They're not. Nor are they solutions to the Riemann Hypothesis (although two of the numbers are prime). They are the price per gallon I saw today of 1) regular unleaded gas 2) plus unleaded gas 3) premium unleaded gas and 4) orange juice at Trader Joe's. Why the fourth? I guess I was surprised that my once tasty, organic and freshly squeezed $4 gallon on Trader Joe's orange juice has now crossed the threshold where I can no longer, in good conscience, buy it.


I once saw an Eephus pitch. On September 4th, 2004. I would like to see another one.


Did you happen to catch the democratic debates the other day? With Obama, Hillary Clinton, some other people you sort of recognize and... wait... is that my friend's crazy grandpa going on another tirade?


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