Thursday, May 31, 2007

5/31/07 18 Seconds

Here's something easy you can do to save energy and costs - Change a light bulb. By using an Energy Star CFL light bulb, you can add to the 5,000,000,000 pounds of coal already saved.


I'm watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee. I'm still on the preliminary rounds. But I plan on watching it in its entirety. If you didn't read last year's commentary, it's here. I may do another commentary this year if I can find my creative juices.


The "Street View" in Google Maps is really taking off. Google Nicki is always a few steps ahead of the rest of us. And she sends Street View "sightings". Like a guy taking a leak in the bushes, people sunbathing and the Google Van that took all of the pictures.


Nobody has tried to solve the Hat Problem from a couple of weeks ago. Here's a hint - there's no "sure fire" answer that gives you 100% chance of winning. You can only improve your chances by choosing certain strategies.


As if watching Beavis and Butthead in recent months isn't enough evidence that my emotional IQ is somewhere around a 12 year old. I'm going to give you this headline - "If Wanting To See Vaginas Is A Crime, Then I, Your Honor, Am Guilty".


No Longer Neighbor Natalie sends a fun story told on Letterman:


Mike sends the sweetest coffee table you'll see today:

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The Nacho Expert said...

Okay okay, nacho expert to the rescue (I hope). I am going to go through my thought process here to show you how I got to my answer. So there are three guys with either a blue (B) or a red (R) hat. Each of the three spots below represents a specific person, so while the combinations may repeat, the permutations are all represented below. So here are the eight possible outcomes:
So the first option would be for all three guys to go in and just shout out a guess. Each one would have a 50/50 chance, so that's a possibility of 1 in 8 that they'd be right. Not too great.

Second option: Since only one has to get it right and others can pass, they can decide beforehand that one specific person will guess while the others just pass. This cuts it down to a 50% chance of being right. Much better than 1 in 8, but still not the best option.

Option three: The three guys decide that they will only give a guess if they see that the other two are wearing the same color. If one sees that the other two are wearing different colors, then they just pass. If one sees that the other two have the same color hat on, then he will guess the opposite color. Basically, there are only 2 instances in 8 where all three hats will be the same color. When these two instances occur, all three would give the incorrect guess. In the six other instances there will be two hats of one color and one hat of the other color. This would mean that only the person wearing the one color would guess while the others would pass. Overall, this option will allow the three guys to win 75% of the time.