Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5/16/07 Trend Spotting

Ever since I can remember, retro trends have come back into style. I haven't really done any kind of official study, but there's some sort of 21-23 year lag period before retro is cool again. In the early 90's, the tie-dye, hippie, 1969 Woodstock trend came back. For a while there, bell bottoms were fashionable again too. A few years ago, the early 80's decal t-shirts started coming back. And now for a trend I can actually sort of remember. The mid 80's Nintendo trend. Except people aren't playing the games. They're performing them on stage. I'm sure out parents had no idea how these games would affect our lives. Check these out:

Super Mario Brothers:


Mike Tyson's Punchout:


I'm probably going on Larry King / Ric Romero on you here. But here's a link to It's like YouTube. Except it has videos that the mainstream media would normally avoid. Like war footage. A few of you have said that you'd be interested in getting your news from another source. Well, here's another source.

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