Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/13/08 It Is What It Is

It's days like today that I'll look back on when I'm a nonagenarian and regret how I spent it. I watched the entire Congressional hearing with Roger Clemens. Every minute. There's no good reason why. I'm neither a big fan nor a hater of Roger Clemens. I have no reason to want him to be found innocent or guilty of steroid use. There's just something about finding "the truth" that intrigues me. It's like the poker game of life. Is he bluffing?

If I had to stake my entire (dwindling) life savings on this - I would easily say that Roger Clemens knowingly took steroids during his career. There's no doubt in my mind. I could go into the details why, but instead, I'd like to just trust my poker playing gut feel. I will leave you with this however - My dad sends an article about how Clemens licked his lips.

The one part of the hearing that surprised me most was how partisan it appeared. Can somebody explain why the Republicans were clearly defending Clemens and the Democrats were on McNamee's side? How does that make sense?


Here's what he should've said in the first place...


They talked an awful lot about Roger Clemen's butt.


Guy love, no more.


Can you honestly say an innocent person would talk like this?

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