Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2/20/08 Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Bob reminds us that there's a full lunar eclipse tonight. The next total eclipse won't happen until December 2010. If I had things my way, this would be an opportunity to have a romantic evening under the stars. But, if you take a Venn Diagram of females that will spend time with me in the evening and females that would be turned on by a lunar eclipse... Well, you basically have two very small circles that won't ever overlap. Imagine these circles as two protons. They're exceedingly small and repel one another. You'd win the Nobel Prize if you could find gluons strong enough to merge them together.

While we're talking about the night sky, I learned a bit about the zodiac last night. I don't really want to go into the entire history of the zodiac right now. But some constellations are bigger than others. Which means that the night sky isn't sliced up into 30 day increments like your horoscope may suggest. We spend 44 days going through the constellation Virgo and 38 day through Taurus. On the flip side, we only spend 7 days in Scorpio. The most interesting nugget I learned was about the constellation Ophiuchus. Not only is Ophiuchus fun to say, but it's the 13th sign of the zodiac. From November 30th - December 17th, you're not quite the Sagittarius you thought you were. You're an Ophiuchus. For many reasons, the signs of the zodiac were condensed to 12 and made to be 30-31 days each. Quite simply, it made life a lot easier. For everyone except Ophiuchus.


Here's a little anecdote for ya'll... A very good high school friend of mine was in town this past Monday for work. I made sure to take advantage of Monday evening to show him around. We walked into a local eatery/bar after dinner. It wasn't very crowded, seeing as though it was Monday night. I did notice, however, that a girl was looking at me with much more interest than most people do. Because I'm me, I was beginning to wonder if I had some food on my face. As I eventually walked past her, she says, "Hey. This is going to sound really weird. But do you have a website called 'I Love Nachos' or something about nachos?"

"Well. Yeah. How, uh... how did you know?" She said that she and her sister had met me before. I followed up with another question or two, but I remained very confused as to how the nacho thing came about and where we had met and... yeah... lots of stuff. But, there you have it. I'm famous and confused. I guess I'm famously confused.


I'm generally not a big fan of pranks. If you haven't seen this one, though, it's fun....


No Longer Neighbor Natalie sends a song that challenges The Umbrella Song in its awesomeness....


In return, I send out a video of Dave Grohl and Will Ferrell - Together at last.


And finally, this is probably the cutest version of "Hey Jude" you'll see today.

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