Saturday, February 02, 2008

2/2/08 Fly Oceanic Air

This is it. This is the game. It's based on the show "Lost". It's an ARG (like we've been talking about recently). It begins here - Just click it and begin. Good luck. I can help you out some, as I've wasted a number of hours today playing around. Just like the show "Lost", I'm totally hooked into the spin-off game. If you get hooked too, it's Bob's fault. He started me on this.

Talk about a complete interactive experience. This is awesome. I was asked last week if it's worth watching "Lost" starting this season. The answer is a definitive "no". At the same time, it's absolutely worth renting the first 3 seasons and catching up. You have to watch the entire thing. It's just an experience like no other TV show has ever provided. Combine that with these ARGs online and it only makes sense why people have become so obsessed with "Lost".


On a completely random note - The TSA has a blog. A blog where they answer your FAQs. It even has a comment section. One that has some 700 comments entered in its first day alone.


Since tomorrow's the Superbowl, here are a few Superbowl links:

Emails sent by Brady, Romo and Eli Manning.

Eli Manning edits Tom Brady's Wikipedia page.

In case you're bored during the game, you can play the Superbowl XLII drinking game.


If you're not going to play the "Lost" game, at least you can help out here... Can you help figure out the Scrabble Gram here?


This is what I need to keep in touch with the pulse of America. It's an mp3 of the top 25 songs from 2007 all mashed up into one. It's like the Cliff's Notes version for people like me that don't really like this music, but stills wants to be in touch with reality. As an added bonus - More "Umbrella Song"!

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J.C. said...

First--thanks for the link to my scrabble gram :)

Second--thanks for the Oceanic clip. My stupid local station cut it off and I've been meaning to go and look for the video. I have a feeling I'll be wasting a ton of time on this...