Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2/26/08 Random Acts of Kindness

There are plenty of stories from my life that I don't plan on writing, simply since they're not story worthy. Then, suddenly, some event tips the scales and closes the lid to an otherwise open box. A few unrelated events from the past few days somehow shaped up to become this box. No more than an hour ago the lid was literally thrown on, made me smile so much I laughed all the way home, and necessitated the writing of this story. It's about random acts of kindness.

Each of the events that have taken place over the past couple of days have been very kind. Like I said though, none of them were particularly story worthy. I don't plan on going into the details either. On Saturday evening, I was effectively dragged out by a good friend for a "night on the town". I don't go out like that very often - and it was much needed. The following day, I got a call from a guy that's in my yoga class. Truth be told, I didn't know his name for nearly 2 years. (That should give you an idea of how close we are). But on Sunday, he invited me to watch the Blackhawks play the Anaheim Ducks. Again, I figured - Hell, why not. And again, it was a much needed change of pace. On the way to the game, another person I know by face only helped point out that one of my tires was low on air.

The part of the story that closed this lid on this box, like I said, just happened. I was driving back from the grocery store and was pulling into a left turn lane. Actually, this is one of those goofy California intersections with 3 left turn lanes. I normally choose the far left lane here, as I'll be turning left again soon. But, the one car in front of me took that lane, so I opted to get position in the middle lane. (Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who puts this kind of excessive thought into driving choices - There's something about the efficiency of my choices that is a bit obsessive). The car that took the left lane was a newer VW bug. The was driver was a lady, probably in her mid 40's. As we're waiting for the left turn arrow, I notice she lowers the passenger side window. My windows were already down. I begin thinking - Are my tires low again? I just filled them up. She says something that I don't hear and I turn my radio off. She then motions that she wants to toss something to me. I think nothing of it, put my hand out the window and catch whatever it is she's tossing. At first glance it looks like a wrapped dessert, like one of those moon pies. But I notice it's cold. She tells me, "It's from Mother's Market". It's some sort of rice milk ice cream dealie. I'm relatively speechless and say thank you. Then the light turns and we drive off.

I've given up sweets. So I'm not going to eat it. But it make me laugh. Nothing about what happened really made sense. But there was something about the random act of kindness that really jolted my spirits. She made a good toss too. I'd say that the odds of a good toss and catch in a setting like that would have to be one in three at best. Sometimes it's best to put the odds aside and just do it. If you happen to come by my place anytime soon, I have a rice milk ice cream treat in my freezer waiting for you.


No Longer Neighbor Natalie continues with our theme and let's us know that those videos of water balloons exploding in slow motion are old and busted. The new hotness? A water balloon NOT exploding in slow motion.


This whole "not talking politics until this election" is going to be tough. Just about everyone I know wants to talk politics with me. Now we have a reason to keep my resolution in tact...

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

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