Monday, November 13, 2006

11/13/06 Un-Busted Tees

This link has been touted as the "must read" link of the year. And I would agree. Now you can play air guitar... AND... hear the song you're playing. (Thanks, Mike).


Want to know where all of the convicted criminals live in your area? Thought so. (Thanks to my mom for the link).


Dude, I'm telling you. Put your money on Lisa Murkowski S.176. She is SO gonna make the bill into a law. Ah, there's nothing like a fun game of Fantasy Congress.


Once again, I'll be going dark for a while. At minimum, for the remainder of the week. (Although I'm considering writing for a few days out in the future since most of you check this page only a few times a week and wouldn't really notice). But I tell you this so you won't read about the guy who got shot in his car in Southern California, only to veer across 6 lanes of traffic and end up in a ditch. Only we find out that it's not a sniper and the dude killed himself. Or so say the police. Oh, and it happened 2 blocks from where I live. That wasn't me. I'm fine. So far.

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