Friday, November 03, 2006

11/3/06 The Biggest Douche in the Universe

When it comes to integrity in journalism, you think Maxim Magazine. Which is why they have - The Biggest Douchebags Ever Elected.

In the spirit of my "Hey, Donnie Darko is an amazing movie and I didn't watch it until years later"... I watched Magnolia the other night. Seven years after it came out. To my defense, I saw it once before, somewhere around 2002. But I didn't remember a whole lot about it. Except that it really struck me. So, Magnolia shows up and it sits on top of my TV for 6 weeks. Part of me is convinced that it's not going to be nearly as good as I remember. Part of me thinks I need to be in the right mood for it. And part of me looks at the cover and reads "3 hours 8 min". All of those combined are reasons it took me a month and a half to ultimately watch the movie.

The verdict? Once again, I'm drawn into the movie. My mind is continually racing from one scene to the next, attempting to understand how everything is intertwined. I'm entranced by all of the characters, wanting to know about their pasts. And why they are the way they are.

From discussions I've had with friends, I'm the only one who seems to be that into "Magnolia". But, for what it's worth, if you're looking for something a little different, a little more complex and a little darker... Consider it next time you're adding something to your Netflix/Blockbuster queue.

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