Wednesday, November 01, 2006

11/1/06 I Have a Tiny Head?

First off, I gave up on thinking of a "Da" in today's title. I thought about using "DAmn!..." and then something. But that's lame. I also ruled out the song "Da da da". But I did give it lots of thought. And I'm sure as soon as I'm done writing, something will come to me.

Secondly - If you're wondering about the picture... No it's not the preview for "Twins 2". It's the 2 candidates running for governor in California. (And my sincere apologies to my mom who asked me just yesterday if we are voting for governor next week - and I said "no" because I'm the poster child for your typical uninformed voter and, according to recent tests, bordering on mild retardation.) Which leads me to the negative campaigning I was talking about yesterday. I searched around YouTube today for some examples.

My first impression of the whole online campaigning was - Are these real? Or parodies? Cuz it's hard to tell the difference. Seriously - this is real? People buy into this stuff? The one I wanted to show but can't find yet is an ad about a guy who's soft on crime. And throughout the entire commercial you see just the thuggest looking thugs, full up with their bandanas and low riders and semi-automatic weapons, getting ready for a drive by shooting. It's just super racist and pulling on people's fears of, uh, the weekly neighborhood drive by shooting. Let me know if you can find what I'm talking about. (On a final note, this is also an indication that I'm starting to get bored and shouldn't be watching daytime TV. I was going to rant about the commercial for "Buzz Ballads" and their "Ginormous" hits, but I'll save that for another day.)


This transitions perfectly into my bitch and moan session for the day. Ok, it's not a big deal, but, as you know the only show I really watch on a regular basis is "Lost". And, for whatever reason, I get home at 9:45 tonight... Think to myself, wait, "Lost" is on tonight. Sweet. What a great way to end a pretty decent day. I see that it started at 9:00. The red light on my DVR indicates that it's recording. I go to check that it's recording as scheduled. And it's recording some South Park rerun. So, for a moment I freak out. (Ok, I rarely "freak out" in the traditional sense, but I was not happy.) Then I remember that ABC airs their episodes online. So I check. And they do. Starting at 2am my time. Crisis averted. (Although, don't be surprised if you ask me tomorrow - "Hey, what did you do last night." And I answer, "Stayed up until 3am". And for a split second you'll wonder if, by some miracle, I found a women in my life. Then you'll come to your senses and figure it all out.)

I realize that this entire story about "Lost" sounds like the diary of a 13 year-old teenage girl. Which is a bad sign for a lot of reasons. Most importantly, it goes to show that I am totally and completely hooked on a TV show. If we lived in, oh, let's say, 2004... How would I ever see that episode? Every piece of the "Lost" mystery from this day forward, I would assume that I missed in that one hour and would forever taint my being. But back to the 13 year-old teenage girl thing for a second... It's also a bad sign that my life is becoming that way due to a gradual building-up of boredom.

Moral of the story - don't trust your DVR or TiVo. Because it might just open your eyes to one of your many shortcomings in life. And for some of us, we're just not quite ready to admit that we have thousands of shortcomings, including addiction to a ridiculous TV show.

And since I'm not starting a "Lost" support group, nor am I ever planning to join one.... Here's Lost Connections. (It's a neat graphic, showing how the characters were connected before they ended up on the island.)


And finally... To end this evening... Is there such a thing as TOO much protected sex? Yes.

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