Sunday, September 16, 2007

9/16/07 The Human Rain Delay

Question: Who was known as baseball's human rain delay?

Answer: Mike Hargrove.

Yes, the same Mike Hargrove that managed the Indians, Orioles and Mariners over the past couple of decades. What is Mike Hargrove doing now? He's managing a new team. What team you might ask? It's too funny to answer. So you'll have to read their name for yourself.


In about a month you'll start hearing about holiday shopping already. I want to beat the trend this year and be the first to talk about Christmas. Therefore I present the 12 days of Christmas told by Bob and Doug Mackenzie.


Remember the kid recently playing Stairway? And that was ok because he's just a kid? Well, on the opposite end of the spectrum, here's an example of when it's NOT ok to play Stairway.

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