Sunday, September 23, 2007

9/23/07 The Seven Year Itch

I've heard the phrase over and over throughout my life. I just never thought about what it meant. (Same goes for "Afternoon Delight". At this point I'm beginning to think that I'm just completely oblivious to most common words and phrases. Every time I find these things out, it's like I'm being blindsided by a car full of obvious.) So, one Bavarian politician has an idea to cure "The Seven Year Itch". Gabriele "Exclusion Free" Pauli suggests that marriages should expire after 7 years. At which point, there's a mutual option to renew. So, there you have it... The Seven Year Itch doesn't require medicated cream after all.


If that isn't enough reason to support women's ideas in politics, maybe this one will sway you even more.... "Women fight for right to bare breasts". Now that's a movement I think we can all get behind.


Google Nicki sends an interactive page called Line Rider. You draw some lines and a guy sleds down them.



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