Tuesday, September 04, 2007

9/4/07 Phun With Physics

This is going to be completely about physics, the reasons I think physics is amazing and the why I'll probably become a physics teacher eventually.

Ok, class. Let's begin. Question number 1A: Why does the prospect of Faster-than-light speeds potentially yield time travel implications? Question 1B: On an awesome-o-meter, how awesome would that be and why?


Question number 2: How do sound waves make salt do this? If you owned a restaurant, how could you utilize this to enhance the ambiance?


Question number 3: Why has my cable and internet been out all day?
Fast forward about 4 communication free hours....
Answer: Rolling blackouts.


Question number 4: Is an electron a particle or a wave? How about Uranium-238?


Question number 5: What is quantum entanglement? Can you entangle a cherry stem with your tongue?


Question number 6: Why is looking at fire so much fun? What's a Ruben's Tube?


Question number 7: Was Jesus really a virgin?

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Anonymous said...

4 Physics words to ponder my brother:

Trouble in River City