Friday, October 26, 2007

10/26/07 Halloween Week

Remember when Halloween used to be celebrated on October 31st? Yeah, well, what the hell happened? I'm not the most social cat around, and my Halloween plans began yesterday and are extending to the middle of next week. It's almost as if we've collectively decided to ignore "Holy" days (root of holiday, I would assume) and just use times like this to extend our debauchery instead.

Like I said, (and I'm repeating the obvious here), I ain't one of the cool kids. However, I've been invited to no less then FOUR Halloween PRE-parties this evening. That doesn't even include the "main" party or the post-(what usually turns into Guitar Hero fest) party. When did this happen? When did Halloween become the hugest day/weekend/week of the year? And when, for that matter, did the "slutty" costume fad begin? Question: What are you going to be for Halloween? Every girl: "Oh a sexy (fill in the blank)." By "fill in the blank", girls actually hear things like "cop, devil, french maid, cat". Things like that. Guy hear, "sexy...." and just start thinking of bras and panties in public. Actually, you know what? I'm asking the wrong questions here. The real question remains... Why don't we just do this all year long? You know... Have fun and dress slutty?


Speaking of sluts and debauchery, the most useless and basisless (that seems like a word, right?) survey came out. When men are looking for random hookups, they hit on girls named Kelly the most. Tanya, Deb/Debbie, Becky and Steph round out the top 5.


Super Mario Bros. and the original NES remain in full 20+ year retro force. For those that have played, you may enjoy "Bowser's Suggestion Box". It's a suggestion box from his "employees".


I wish we'd see more of this on the news. Then I might actually watch.



I heard this guy got fired. What a shame.


Happy Halloween Weekend....

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