Monday, October 08, 2007

10/8/07 Left Brain or Right Brain?

Are you left brain or right brain dominant? Google Nicki sends a quick test. Look at the dancer. The page explains the rest. The messed up part? Earlier today, I was left brained and I couldn't get the right brain to work. When I just opened it now? I'm right brained. I just looked again. I was left brained for a few seconds. Then right brained again. Damn you, Google Nicki! Now I'm frustrated and confused. And apparently lacking that piece that separates the hemispheres.


I've talked before about what a stud Archimedes was. Turns out, he was on the verge of inventing calculus something like 1900 years before Newton and Leibniz.


There's a new video game called Portal. The idea is simple. But the game isn't.


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