Friday, October 05, 2007

10/5/07 Crummy Church Signs

Do you enjoy reading church signs as much as I do? Even if you don't, you have to check out Crummy Church Signs.


Just some random stuff:
  • The 2007 NY Mets Facebook feed.
  • "The Office" is back with new episodes. But "Scrubs" isn't. I got worried about "Scrubs". But it'll be back. On October 25th.
  • Science Fact o' the day: Remember Avogadro's Number from high school chemistry? 6.02x10^23? Just how big is that number? If you had that many unpopped popcorn kernels, the entire United States would be covered 9 miles deep.
  • LOLCatz meets PostSecret. And you get LOLSecretz.
  • And, just for the hell of it - The University of Missouri Golden Girls.


This ride looks like fun.

As does this one...


Have you heard the new country song, "Bomb New York"?

Country Music Stars Challenge Al-Qaeda With Patriotic New Song �Bomb New York�


Cousin Jeff said...

Which one is the one? said...

Bottom row. 2nd from the left. (I think).