Saturday, July 15, 2006

7/15/06 Trapped in the Closet

The South Park guys finally speak about the Tom Cruise episode. Most importantly, Comedy Central will air "Trapped in the Closet" this Wednesday. If you respect my opinion, it's well worth watching.

In somewhat related news, I got a rare IM from Google Nicki the other day. She just wanted to know if I thought Suri Cruise exists. I had no comment. My fascination with celebrities is pretty low compared to most people I know. Honestly, I really had no idea that the Tom Cruise kid thing was a big deal.

Which leads me to a simple observation. One that probably deserves a masters thesis written about it. And one that I'm going to sum up in a few sentences. Men have an illogical joy and craving derived from sports. Women have the same illogical joy and craving when it comes to celebrities (actors and singers mostly). (The gender line is not black and white, as I know women who are into sports and guys who are into Hollywood.) Sports stars and Hollywood celebrities are really the same thing. They play games and pretend for a living and, for some reason, we watch them and become overly obsessed with the minutiae of their lives. If you take a childlike view of what we do, it's all pretty silly.

I could care less about the lives of the Hollywood celebrities and am sickened by the magazines and coverage they get on local radio in Southern California. My reaction has always been, "Who gives a flying fuck?" But soon after, it hit me that my passion for sports is really the same thing. And most women I know have the same reaction when it comes to sports (although most women I know won't use the term "flying fuck" in normal conversation.) So, I'm just trying to be more open minded about the silliness of the world around me (because it's real easy to be cynical and start using the phrase "flying fuck" a little too much). And, even though following sports and athletes and the lives of singers and actors is beyond silly.... Isn't most of what we do in life pretty silly?


My mom sends the Italian soccer team version of the Superbowl Shuffle. Her cousin in Italy sent it to her.


My dad sends Netflix Guilt. Well, he doesn't send the guilt, but he sends an article talking about the guilt people feel when they hang onto Netflix movies for too long, essentially paying hundreds of dollars for the right to keep the movie that long.

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