Friday, July 07, 2006

7/7/06 I've Got Worms

As I wrote today's date (7/7), I was reminded of one of the few episodes of "Friends" I've seen where Courtney Cox went through some routine of "Seven. Seven. Seven. Seven..." (The same thing happens when I'm silently searching for sevens in sudoku). Am I the only one?

Dumb: ABC is trying to disable fast forward on DVRs.

Dumber: Friendster patents online social networking.

Kinda Cool: 25 Things some dude learned from Google Trends.

Insignificant: 1 thing I learned from Google Trends - The upward spike early in the year on searches for "nachos" has to do with the Superbowl.

Softball team update. We're now 0-6. It's frustrating and pathetic. Actually, we forfeited since we only had 7 players at game time, and the umpire was being a prick and left. So, after the forfeit, we scrimmaged, picking up two of their players. Even worse? They put me into pitch in the fourth inning, some girl fouled the inside pitch into the corner of her eye. I ran to see what happened and the white part of her eye was bleeding. She seemed like she'll be ok. But I still feel terrible. Nobody had the heart to call her out on strikes, so we let somebody bat with a fresh count. We have one game left, then a 3 game playoff against the other 3 worst teams in the league (which are all better than us).

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