Thursday, July 20, 2006

7/20/06 Write Your Own Caption

(Another picture from the 20x20 contest.)

Let's have a "Write your own caption" contest. Put your caption in the comments section below. We'll vote on them later.

(I got the idea from this picture of Ozzie Guillen and his son, Ozney. I wrote something about the size of the doobie Freddy Garcia smoked before his last start. Apparently it got censored.)


Studies show that people who have blogs are young, self indulgent, loners in dire need of a girlfriend. Or something like that.


My dad sends the odds on which Harry Potter characters will die in the seventh book. I will NEVER post anything that spoils the final Harry Potter book. (The odds are based on an interview with the author). In return, I ask (a year in advance) that nobody ruin it for me either. Cuz seriously, if you do, I might have to bludgeon you.


Since I'm bored out of my mind and can't sit still, I'm posting another random thought. If I were to make one improvement to Netflix, I'd add a "Taunt" button. How many times do you check your friends' movies at home and think, "What the hell were you thinking?" For example, I checked the queue of an anonymous friend today. The next 28 movies in his queue are the first 4 seasons of "24". While it's a spectacular choice (and I think I may have recommended them), I still feel like taunting him for lacking any creativity to put some intermittent movies in there. Wouldn't you check your Netflix account more often and take your movie watching a little more seriously if you could play the "Taunt" game? Everyone wins here, including Netflix for the increased use of their service. Ok, everyone wins except the makers of "You, Me and Dupree".

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