Saturday, July 29, 2006

7/29/06 You Look Like a Monkey

Of all the ridiculous things that happen on MySpace, this is the one I'm deciding to share. One of my "friends" (I have 16 now, thank you very much) posted - Search Google for "(Your first name) looks like" and see what comes up. So I did. My two favorites were:

"Mark looks like a cheap dollar-store tattoo."
"Mark looks like Hitler."

See what you come up with.


Have you seen this German Kid? Do I want to do a German joke here? Do I want to continue on the Hilter theme? Do I want to compare the kid to someone I know? Eh, let's let the video speak for itself.


Ken Jennings is awesome. Not only is he the all time Jeopardy money winner. But now he's making fun of Alex Trebek. (Thanks, Cousin Danny).


Footprint on Mars? Or another studio trick by NASA? Or just the tracks of the rover? (Thanks, Dad).

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