Tuesday, October 31, 2006

10/31/06 Da Bulls

I'm just trying to see how many consecutive titles can contain "da". My only goal for tomorrow is to keep the streak alive. It's also a good excuse to talk about how good Da Bulls looked tonight. If there's any time to bring back the Super Fans on SNL, it's now.

Bob holds the NachosRule record for Icicle Climb - It currently stands at 10.405. (Bob - beware, I was at 9.8 with one icicle to go and I blew it).

Do you have tv ads for the upcoming elections where you live? I'm getting ready to start taking note of some of the super disgusting ads I'm seeing recently. Stay tuned - they're funny. Well, if you think that trashing people with sad, sad advertising is funny. So, wait. They're not funny. Or are they? I can't decide.

Happy Halloween. And happy the sun sets at like 5:00 for the next 4 months. Yay for the beginning of winter.

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