Sunday, April 15, 2007

4/15/07 Chicago 2016

Congratulations to the city of Chicago for winning the USOC's final bid for the 2016 Olympics.


If you've been reading this for many years, you know that I love peeps. In honor of peeps, you can vote on your favorite peeps in action.


I'm normally not outwardly envious of many people. But Fighter Pilot Jeremy sent me a link that really got me thinking. It's about a professional video game player. Who has made over $500,000. But then I kept reading and didn't feel so envious....

"Pereira says top gamers like Wendel devote 12-16 hours a day practicing. They keep themselves in shape mentally and physically so they can compete in tournaments that can go on for days."


Are you pumped for the NBA playoffs???

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