Monday, April 02, 2007

4/2/07 Win Expectancy

Since the major league baseball season has kicked off, I'm sure I'll be talking baseball for at least the next few weeks. Today I came across my new favorite "statistic". It's "Win Expectancy". It might not quite be what you're expecting. At any point during a game, you can go to this page, and enter the score, where the runners are, what inning, how many outs, etc... And it will dig through decades of games to determine, based on past results, the likelihood that your team will win. Some dude was keeping track on my favorite White Sox blog today. When the number got below 10% I stopped keeping track.


Once again I have a story about shopping at Target. But it's not like the other ones. You've already heard me bitch and moan plenty about spending too much money there. This story is about checkout time. This particular Target has 22 checkout lanes. Four of them were open. Two of those four were express "10 Items or Less" lanes. Leaving 2 lanes for the rest of us. Each of those 2 remaining lanes had 4 or 5 people in line. Apparently at Target, that is unacceptable. Two ladies were on their poor-excuse-for-secret-service communicator device dealies, frantically yelling, "We need one person from the green zone and another from the blue zone up front now." As a customer, I can appreciate the urgency. Personally, I had nowhere to be, so waiting an additional 6 minutes wasn't my utmost concern. But here's what did concern me. They were looking for 2 cashiers to fill in for maybe 5 or 10 minutes, right? Just to get through this particular rush. And there were two of them looking for other Target employees to come up front? Why didn't they just help out instead? If you're a long-time, trained employee, I would imagine that you could fill in as a cashier for a few minutes.


Cousin Andy emails a BBC documentary of Los Angeles in 1972. He says that the film, in part, may persuade him to come visit. I always welcome visitors. So, if it worked for him, perhaps it'll do the same for you.


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